Thank You From The Bottom Of Our Hearts

THANK YOU ALL, FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS! It was really great to see so many people come out and support us and the musicians. It was a full house even with so much happening that day - Thank you, thank you! Our thanks and love to everyone that made a non-perishable food donation to the Blues Against Hunger cause to provide the much-needed food to the San Felipe food bank. San Felipe is a generous and caring community. 

Thank you to El Dorado Ranch, Cesar Quirarte and his team for taking care of everyone. And all our love to the musicians that gave of their time and talent; of course Tom, Marge and Jaime, three that are always supportive and giving, thanks to drummer Mike for coming out of retiring from Isaac Diaz band to jam with us, and much love to our buddy Country Tom for his talent and humor, and a muchas gracias to our new friend guitarist Jayna for sharing her passion with us all, she was great. We love you all and appreciate your continued support of us, the music and our cause. 

Get Ready for more shows and fun from Sweet Sixx, The Wild, Pack, and Blues Against Hunger Society

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2017 Brewers & Blues Against Hunger Summer Tour

Craft brewers & blues lovers are united to help fight hunger in America over the next 6-months; starting in June 2017 - November 2017. The way the event works is SIMPLE! We bring a party to a brewery creating free blues concerts inviting all that attend to bring non-perishable food donations that stays with the local food bank. With your help, we bring craft beer lovers and blues fans together to help feed the hungry. We create a special night with celebrity guests musicians and jammers to play the BLUES with the host band "Sweet Sixx and The Wild Pack" to raise food for the community.

Who is helping to fight hunger on the 2017 Brewers & Blues Tour:

Sweet & Sixx 16 Years Together in 10 Minutes

We've a spent 16 amazing and adventuresome years together. We've traveled the continent, walked the entire Baja, produced lots of great events, helped a lot of people and now we're playing the blues and feeding the hungry. We're blessed to have each other and to be able to share our passion.

Road Report - The Fall is Coming Quick in Colorado

Colorado has been incredible, but it is really getting cold. The last few weeks have been incredible. We've found an incredible boondocking location. Helped launch a brand new brewery, and got frozen inside our RV. Why would anyone live any other way?

Once we finished our show at Lazy Boy Brewing in Everett Washington, we headed east through Washington and Idaho with some awesome shows and one our latest in terms of time in Idaho Falls...way past my bedtime ;-). Wyoming was open and beautiful before heading south into Colorado. We stopped at Rabbit Ears Pass above Steamboat Springs at about 9700 feet. It was breathtaking, literally. The first night I woke a couple times feeling as if I were having a panic attack. It turned out to be due to altitude sickness, which we quickly figured out. Then the next morning it started to snow! - We were out of there! We stopped in Steamboat Springs for a dispensary (medicinal) and a local taco shack called TACO CABO. The owner was actually from Jalisco Mexico, but he was cool and let us fill our fresh water tanks from his restaurant, but as a side was the most expensive taco I've had in my life and it didn't come with rice, beans or nada. I think they were $5 each and I had...well that's not important. What's more important is how this week went down - it was all meant to be.

Road Report - September Starts Strong Idaho to Wyoming!

Sixx here, it has been a long few weeks. We were hanging out in Ketchum, Idaho which was fun and beautiful. While wondering the streets there like a couple of tourists, we got lucky and stopped to asked directions from Jeffery Lubeck, a local photographer and partner with his son Kyle in the MESH Gallery in downtown Ketchum. As it turns out, it was the day before Sun Valley WAGON DAYS and he was in need of music for the Weekend long event's opening night Gallery Walk. We jumped at the opportunity. We were even more excited when we found out the building of the MESH is the first Catholic Church built in the valley in 1884 and had a very gothic feel and the ONLY WAY we'd ever get to play in a church.

Two Tours One Great Cause!

Wild Pack ready to rock the USA and MEXICO Summer 2017 and Winter of 2018. Two fun filled tours and one great cause. In June through to November of 2017 Wild Pack will host a 6 month tour called 2017 Brewers & Blues Against Hunger Tour. A tour of America's finest craft brewers and featuring each region's top blues musicians and bands -

In February Wild Pack will show you the way down the Baja starting in San Felipe all the way to Cabo; 2018 Baja Blues Against Hunger Tour. The tour is music and Baja sighting tour over 16 days. From taste fish tacos to lobster, Baja history and untouched nature; it truly is a Magical Musical Baja Adventure -

All the Blues Against Hunger concerts are free to the public; bring blues fans and players together to help feed the hungry in each community. Music and meals can heal, find out more info about both tours at

Wild Pack on the Road in Ketchum

Sweet and Sixx of Wild Pack stops to hang out in Ketchum Idaho for a Blues Against Hunger Blues Jam food drive at Sun Valley Brewery on Sept. 8 and are spending time at Lake Creek Camping area. The area is for 16 days free dry camping in a very beautiful area.


Here is the link and reviews for Campendium for the same camp ground:

Wild Pack Band

MESH ART Gallery

08/23/17 - Sweet wins at Tulalip Casino Resort in Marysville Washington

We stopped at Tulalip Resort Casino in Marysville Washington for a couple of days and they gave both Sweet and I a $15 game play on our new member cards. Although we lived in Las Vegas for a while we never gambled, ever. Don't even know how to operate the slot machine...we got an attendant to teach us and show us how it worked. Then the attendant jokingly said they'll be back in 10 minutes when we hit the jackpot, then they walked off. Sweet inserted her card and on the second push of the button, she won over $150. We immediately cashed out and went to the bar for an IPA Glass of wine and share a spicy tuna roll from the sushi bar all for not much more than the original $15 credit they gave us.

There is a Walmart next door to here, I think we're gonna use the winning to go buy another deep cycle battery or solar panel for the rig. Thanks, Tulalip Casino...Tonight we're going to try again with my member card wish us luck!

P.S. Besides winning our first time out we want to say, this is the nicest Indian Casino we've been to and there has been many. Great RV parking area and all free of charge for up to 3 days. Tomorrow leave for a show in Everett then it's off to Idaho.

08/12/17 - Quick Sixx Road Report: Playing and Boondocking in Tacoma Washington

The first in a series of quick reports of life on the road for traveling musicians Sixx and Sweet Pack in a 32' RV traveling from city to city across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. In this edition is a fun at Odd Otter in Tacoma Washington, a crazy night of crazy boondocking in downtown Tacoma.

FREE CAMPING at Margaret McKenny near Olympia Washington

The Capitol State Forest is a 91,650-acre state forest in Thurston and Grays Harbor counties of the U.S. state of Washington. It includes part of the unusual Mima Mounds geologic feature. GPS & More Info: South Puget Sound Region Office - Download The new 2013 Capitol State Forest map: Discover Pass:

St. James Infirmary by Sweet Sixx and Wild Pack (VIDEO)

St. James Infirmary Blues by Sweet Sixx & The Wild Pack.

The song was originally recorded in Winter 2015 with a condenser mic, laptop in Punta Banda, Baja California, along with drummer Oscar QuiƱones Nogueira of Ensenada, then a couple months later we recorded Phillip on sax

Thank you Ashtown Brewery - You are Awesome!

WE LOVE ASHTOWN BREWING in Longview Washington. We played there last night to a great crowd, very engaged. Great atmosphere, great beer, and wonderful people.

The brewery was started by two cousins in their garage, and after a while, people started stopping at the house to get a beer after work. Now they have a great little place downtown and the whole extended family works there, multi-generations.

Sweet & Sixx On Corvallis Oregon Farm

When you travel and play as often and as much as we do, it is amazing to find people along the way that have created their own paradise and are willing to share it with us. Sis, a bass player we met at a jam at M. Special Brewing in Goleta invited us to stop and visit her at her home in Corvallis, Oregon. We are so glad we did!

They have given us a much-needed break from the road and a little farm paradise to relax and work on new music and new gigs. Yesterday afternoon Sweet and I had time to take a few shots around the farm.


On the Road from Eugene to Corvallis Oregon July 14-18, 2017

lt-rt: Jimmy Haggard, Blue Owns, Curt, Dave Roberts, Sweet, Sixx, Leaf
July 14 - We arrived early to Agrarian Ales at Crossroads in Coburg (video). That's right, at the "Crossroads". Maybe not THE Crossroads, but still pretty cool. Agrarian Ales is a really hip Oregon farm that makes their own ales, grows their own everything. Agrarian Ales is a true farmhouse brewery in the heart of the beautiful Willamette Valley that serves seasonally-inspired, ingredient-driven beer & food. During the summer they host an afternoon of live music on the lawn behind their brewery and kitchen. Today we were the live music and a Brewers & Blues Against Hunger food drive.

The Wild Pack are Coming to the Greater Portland

Hey everyone, Sweet and I will be coming into Portland through the end of the month. We have two Brewers & Blues Against Hunger events in the area; July 27 in Longview Washington at Ashtown Brewing Company and July 29 at Buffalo Gap Saloon.

On the Road from Brooking to Eugene Oregon July 9-14, 2017

July 14, 2017 - Eugene Oregon. My last report was nearly a week ago from Brookings Oregon, just after performing the Saturday Market for Chetco Brewing. Since then, we have been moving and staying busy. I've not had the time to sit and write. I don't expect today will be much different, but I am going to start making the time. This has been a week of meeting old friends, making new friends and washing clothes on the fringe in Eugene Oregon.

JULY 9, 2017 - ROAD REPORT: Brookings Harbor

Brookings Harbor in Brookings Oregon at the Saturday Market sponsored by Chetco Brewing. It was a pleasant day and with plenty of time to browse the vendors, including Smokey that specialized in leather belts. It also provided enough time to enjoy a couple Chetco Brews while listening to solo guitarist Steven, who played before us.

We were very excited to have TIM Bonow, join us for the second show, along with harmonica player Robert from Crescent City. Said he had so much fun jamming with us, he wanted to do it

JULY 8, 2017 - ROAD REPORT: Crescent City California.

Sweet and I have spent the last two nights free of charge at an amazing state beach in the parking lot overlooking grass and flowers to the beach below and literally dozens of islands offshore. The parking lot is large enough we were able to park nose in on the first night. However, last night we moved all the way to the northern end of the parking lot and were able to park north-to-south with our large windows towards the amazing panoramic view. The parking lot also had trash and recycle bins.

The beach sits directly behind Del Norte Community Airport. The airport only services small planes, and in two days we have only seen two planes. The road is called Pebble Beach at the western end of Washington Blvd, off of Northcrest.

Thank You to all the Vista Musicians!

The Brewers & Blues Against Hunger event in Vista California at the Aztec Brewing Company was the first event of the 6-month food drive blues jam tour. The event set the bar very high with a stellar all-star lineup of caring musicians coming together to share their passion for the blues and their commitment to their community. Thank you from the bottom of our heart! See More Thank Yous!

2018 Baja Blues Adventure Rally


This is an experience of a lifetime; whether music lover, musician, traveler, this adventure is for you. From intimate blues jams to festivals, taste fish tacos to lobster, see history and untouched nature, it truly is a Magical Musical Baja Adventure.

Tour includes: 15 days / 14 nights stay.
Find Out More!

Another Hugely Successful Baja Blues Tour

The Wild Pack (Sweet Sixx), Tsunami and traveling fans completed the 2000 mile 2017 BLUES AGAINST HUNGER TOUR ( tour from Ensenada Baja California to Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur.

The tour featured the nicest venues and location on the Baja, including the historic Hotel Hacienda in Mulege, The Oasis Resort in Loreto, Hotel Los Pescadores in Los Barriles, The Baja Brewing Company in San Jose del Cabo, and The Distillery in Todos Santos.

The Blues Against Hunger concert tour raised thousands in non-perishable food for the hungry in each community and packed the house each night. For additional information visit, or

See you all next year.

WILD PACK Has Been Added to Folk Festival Lineup

WILD PACK has performed for the San Felipe Folk Festival many times, not because we're folk music because we're not. But rather because the promoter Tony Norris has been a great friend for many years and when he asks us to play, we do.

The last 4 years, Tony has even had us promote the event for him. This year, however, we were going to be on the road and would miss it for the first time in years, but like all good plans, they didn't go through and now we will be in town that same week.

Tony was glad to hear we are going to be in town, and we are now in the lineup and very happy to bring some acoustic blues to the folk jam. The beautiful thing is that 4 years ago when we were asked to help promote it for Tony, we decided to add some blues, and blues has been a small part every since.

This is now 13 years of folk, country, cowboy and bluegrass has been coming to San Felipe thanks to Tony, and all the great musicians. Please join then this year at the La Palapa Bar in El Dorado Ranch on Sunday, March 19, from 1PM-5PM, the event is only $5 and is fun for all.

WILD PACK House Party for Karen Hubbell

We haven't played a house party in over 3 years!! We are very excited that Wild Pack is going to play for our dear friend Karen Hubbell (yep, the same space telescope family), she has been a friend a very long time, helped us build a boat, gone on many tours with us, joined the family for breakfast and much more. 

We are very sorry to see her move, although she says she will be back to visit, and we're sure she will...she will be missed and we are going to help her celebrate the next big change in her life and we hope you all can join WILD PACK in Karen's Going Away Party.

This is an open jam for any musicians that wish to join us and jam. Wild Pack love to jam. 

Wild Pack performing the 2016 San Felipe Shrimp Festival

The last song of the set at the San Felipe Shrimp Festival on Saturday November 5th, 2016.

WILD PACK Is On The Road!

We're going on a Rockin' a Mini Tour with our new good friends and amazing band from Mexico City, Los Corsarios del Blues.
  • La Salina Cantina in La Mision on Wednesday - Jan 11, 2017 (FREE)
  • La Marina in Punta Banda on Thursday - Jan 12, 2017 (FREE)
    * Blues Against Hunger Event - Please bring a non-perishable Food Donation
  • The Pavilion in San Felipe on Friday - Jan 13, 2017 (Buy your tickets) Limited SEATING
We hope all of our friends will come out a join us.