Sweet Sixx & the Wild Pack

Sweet Sixx and the Wild Pack are the exclusive host band for the Blues Against Hunger Society, The BAH Holiday Toy Drive Show and for the Boogie Circus a cabaret dinner dance show.

Wild Pack is as the name implies, "Wild" in the sense of always changing, always adapting. Sweet Sixx and the Wild Pack lineup changes region by region, and always features the top local and regional musicians. Wild Pack is led by Sixx on guitar and vocals and Sweet Pack on bass and back up vocals. Sweet Sixx plays as a duo; two guitars having fun playing the blues, jump blues, swing, and rock. Their music is personal, passionate and always fun.

Sweet Sixx and the Wild Pack performing for Blues Against Hunger
at The House of Blues San Diego.
Phillip Singletary, Sixx Pack, Oscar Quiñones Nogueira, Jason Bushong, Rachel Pack
Thanks to Chet Cannon, RosaLea Schiavone, and Wicked Promotions. Photo Mano Jojolinsky.
sweetsixxduo@gmail.com or wildpackband@gmail.com
United States: 760-618-2582 Mexico: 001-521-686-230-9933

Sweet Sixx and Wild Pack would like to thank Esperanza Restaurant and Baja Lori Chaffin

Arturo Cardenas, Sixx Pack, Olga Perez (Soy Lola), Sweet Rachel Pack
Sweet Sixx and Wild Pack would like to thank Esperanza Restaurant and Baja Lori Chaffin for inviting us to perform at such an amazing venue, and thanks to everyone that attended. Amazing views, elegant atmosphere and great mmmm...comfort food from home..BBQ ribs, chicken, pork and coleslaw and huge onion rings. Delish! Muchas gracias...

To the band, Arturo Cardenas on guitar, Olga "Soy Lola" Perez on drums, my wife Sweet Rachel on bass. I love you all! Gracias desde el fondo de mi corazón! By the way, The Soy Lola Blues Band will be playing tomorrow at the Tijuana Blues & Jazz Festival at 5:30PM. http://www.wildpackband.com/

2018 BAHS Lets Jam Tour

Blues Against Hunger "Let's Jam!" Music Series Tour

The Blues Against Hunger "Let's Jam!" Music Series Tour, are blues jam food drive concerts. The concert series features the host band "Sweet Sixx and the Wild Pack" with different Special Guest Stars and invited jammers each week over 2018 Summer 6-month tour.

The Let's Jam! music series builds on itself by engaging the audience and providing something new and exciting each week for them to return and participate in.

DO NOT MISS A SHOW! Check the DATES and SAVE YOUR SEAT at the next BAHS Lets Jam Concert. Join the jam, listen to great music, help those in need and have a-rockin' good time.