Love Mama Bears!

Mama Bears was great. We just love this place, the customers are very nice, and always incredible tippers...truly amazing, more than any other place we have ever played. Plus the owners Tina and Joanie are way cool and the staff are too.

Next week is their last week and the new owners will be taking over...and they too seem very cool. I know one of them Cort is already cooking all the pizza and he is really a nice guy, very laid back bunch. When we were done, Tina got so emotional she even picked up Rachel off her feet.

Our good friend Phillip Singletary joined us on his sax, plus other San Felipe friends Marilyn, JC and NickiNomi and local friends too. Oh and of course, the food is amazing...we even have our own pizza, now called the "veggie cracker", veggie pizza with red sauce, and no cheese and added garlic. Ate two of them last night yum!