2019 - BAHS Jamboree at K43 in Rosarito Beach with Chikenbone Slim

2019 - Rockin' Out with Martin Tramial K43

2014 - BAHS US Tour
Mulege BCS - Feb. 2019
Jammers at Blues Against Hunger Jam in Vista California in 2017, hosted by Wild Pack. 
The Wild Pack Band performing for Blues Against Hunger at the House of Blues in San Diego as part of a Wicked Productions jam event featuring host Chet Cannon and the Committee in May 2015.

Sweet and Sixx of Wild Pack with Boogie Magazine editor Eli J. Medellin ( while in San Diego in 2017
Sixx and Sweet Pack of the Wild Pack blues jam band. Taken by Terry Van Arsdale in 2014.
Wild Pack and guest musicians at Blues Against Hunger blues jam in Rosarito Mexico in 2015.
A community "Thank You" for a Blues Against Hunger jam hosted by Wild Pack in Punta Banda, Baja California in 2016.

Wild Pack and jammers at Blues Against Hunger in San Felipe Baja in 2015. Jammers left to right are Dave Bridges on harmonica, Arturo Esquivias Yee on guitar, Derek Wille on keyboards, Chet Cannon on vocals, harmonica and drums, Sixx on vocals and guitar, Sweet Rachel Pack on bass, Rockin Ron Rando on drums, and Philip Singletary on saxophone.   

The Wild Pack and Tsunami band with the staff of event host The Oasis Resort Hotel in Loreto Baja California for the 2016 Baja Blues Against Hunger tour. 

Wild Pack and the Tsunami Band in Los Barriles, Baja California Sur for the 2016 Baja Blues Against Hunger tour.

Wild Pack with Federico Soto on the harmonica in Loreto Baja California Sur for the Baja Blues Against Hunger tour in 2016.

Wild Pack jam for Blues Against Hunger at Westlake Brewing Company in Westlake Village California in 2017.

In Goleta in 2017, at M. Special Brewing and an amazing Wild Pack jam left to right Sweet, bassist Sis Mitchell, guitarist and singer Remington Graham, Sixx, drummer Eric Lordan, guitarist Blues Bob, and guitarist Mehmet Dogu.    

Sweet rockin' it at Blues Against Hunger in Rosarito Beach in summer 2015 at Paradise Cove. 

Sweet and Sixx in Corvallis Oregon in 2017 for the Blues Against Hunger Westcoast Tour.

Sixx and Sweet waiting to perform at The Distillery and Vineyard in Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico in 2016. 

The Sweet Sixx and the Wild Pack Cabaret band in 2016 at La Ventana del Mar Resort in San Felipe, Baja California.  

Baja Sand Fest in Rosarito Beach, Baja California in 2016.  

Sweet performing at Baja Sand Fest in Rosarito Beach, Baja California in 2016 with drummer Oscar QuiƱones Nogueira and guitarist Arthuro Cardenas. 

Wild Pack at Playa de Oro in San Felipe, Baja California Mexico for a Halloween performance in 2015.

Sweet at the House of Blues in San Diego in 2015.

Sixx and Sweet jamming at Franz Praga in Tijuana, Mexico with local blues superstar Soy Lola on drums and Tijuana guitarist Arturo Cardenas.