FREE CAMPING at Margaret McKenny near Olympia Washington

The Capitol State Forest is a 91,650-acre state forest in Thurston and Grays Harbor counties of the U.S. state of Washington. It includes part of the unusual Mima Mounds geologic feature. GPS & More Info: South Puget Sound Region Office - Download The new 2013 Capitol State Forest map: Discover Pass:

St. James Infirmary by Sweet Sixx and Wild Pack (VIDEO)

St. James Infirmary Blues by Sweet Sixx & The Wild Pack.

The song was originally recorded in Winter 2015 with a condenser mic, laptop in Punta Banda, Baja California, along with drummer Oscar QuiƱones Nogueira of Ensenada, then a couple months later we recorded Phillip on sax with the same setup and the addition of a liter of tequila in a small office in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico. Phillip recorded the entire song in one take after most of the bottle was empty.

This summer while visiting the beautiful home of a new friend and bassist Cindy "Sis" Mitchel in Corvallis Oregon we became inspired to make a video. We thought this song was perfect for what we had in mind and we've always loved it and Phillip's sax playing. So here you go, our first video.

"St. James Infirmary Blues", sometimes known as "Gambler's Blues," is an American folksong of anonymous origin, though sometimes credited to the songwriter Joe Primrose (a pseudonym for…

Thank you Ashtown Brewery - You are Awesome!

WE LOVE ASHTOWN BREWING in Longview Washington. We played there last night to a great crowd, very engaged. Great atmosphere, great beer, and wonderful people.

The brewery was started by two cousins in their garage, and after a while, people started stopping at the house to get a beer after work. Now they have a great little place downtown and the whole extended family works there, multi-generations.

Sweet & Sixx On Corvallis Oregon Farm

When you travel and play as often and as much as we do, it is amazing to find people along the way that have created their own paradise and are willing to share it with us. Sis, a bass player we met at a jam at M. Special Brewing in Goleta invited us to stop and visit her at her home in Corvallis, Oregon. We are so glad we did!

They have given us a much-needed break from the road and a little farm paradise to relax and work on new music and new gigs. Yesterday afternoon Sweet and I had time to take a few shots around the farm.


On the Road from Eugene to Corvallis Oregon July 14-18, 2017

July 14 - We arrived early to Agrarian Ales at Crossroads in Coburg (video). That's right, at the "Crossroads". Maybe not THE Crossroads, but still pretty cool. Agrarian Ales is a really hip Oregon farm that makes their own ales, grows their own everything. Agrarian Ales is a true farmhouse brewery in the heart of the beautiful Willamette Valley that serves seasonally-inspired, ingredient-driven beer & food. During the summer they host an afternoon of live music on the lawn behind their brewery and kitchen. Today we were the live music and a Brewers & Blues Against Hunger food drive.

Sweet & Sixx 16 Years Together in 10 Minutes

We've a spent 16 amazing and adventuresome years together. We've traveled the continent, walked the entire Baja, produced lots of great events, helped a lot of people and now we're playing the blues and feeding the hungry. We're blessed to have each other and to be able to share our passion.