BRIEF HISTORY: Sweet Sixx is a husband and wife team made up of Rachel Pack, also known as "Sweet" on stage and her husband Sixx Pack. They are event production managers, graphic artists, social media marketers, tour guides, publishers, and MUSICIANS.

Sweet Sixx has a combined 50+ years of experience in producing and marketing events, seminars, tours, and festivals. Sixx was a magazine and newspaper publisher, radio talk show host, and ring announcer to name a few of his past professions, and Sweet was a activities director, video host, and fitness trainer and competitor. They met and fell in love in Fresno California when Sixx was promoting a concert in a venue next door to where Sweet worked in her last year of college at Fresno State.

Sweet Sixx plays as a duo; two guitars having fun playing the blues, jump blues, swing, and rock. Their music is personal, passionate and always fun. Sweet Sixx & The Wild Pack are the exclusive host band for the Blues Against Hunger Society Jamborees, The Very Merry Diva  Christmas Concerts and for the Sweet Sixx Baja Burlesque Show.

-- "We're blessed to be able to do what we love, follow our passion for helping others, traveling and playing music. We now can play with musicians, far and wide, and share what we love. We hope to jam with you, sometime, someplace - out there in the WILD!" --