SHORT HISTORY - After the two had spent most of their lifetimes backstage producing events and blues festivals (2008-2012), loving the blues, and with the encouragement of many musician friends, Sixx and Sweet Rachel Pack wanted to help the local food bank; and in 2013 the Blues Against Hunger Society and (then was Sweet & Lowdown) Sweet Sixx and the Wild Pack was created. Currently they are touring and creating special projects through out the year.

Sweet Sixx is a husband and wife guitar duo with Sweet Rachel Pack on bass and vocals and Sixx Pack on guitar and vocals. The Sweet Sixx duo is two guitars having fun playing the blues, jump blues, swing, Latin, and rock. Their music is personal, passionate and always fun.

Sweet Sixx is a full-time touring duo building their jam band in each city they enter. In addition to performing as a duo, Sweet Sixx also fronts the Wild Pack Band, also are the exclusive host band for the Blues Against Hunger Society, and the band for the Boogie Circus a cabaret dinner dance show.

-- "We're blessed to be able to do what we love, follow our passion for helping others, traveling and playing music. We now can play with musicians, far and wide, and share what we love. We hope to jam with you, sometime, someplace - out there in the WILD!" --


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