Aqui en el Siete - Thank you

Rachel and I make it a point of living life to the fullest, we try and make every moment an adventure. However, this summer was more about fun than adventure and I must say it has been absolutely incredible and we have got to know the Pacific Baja better than ever before. We've been very knowledgeable about the area, but that is not knowing the area, not until you get to know the people.

This summer we got to know some really wonderful people, and got reacquainted with many others. We need to thank George at the Lighthouse Restaurant in La Mision, thanks for the great times at your place. You know how to party. We need to thank Joanie and Tina, and Kim, Chris, Court, Pris, and John at Mama Bear's Pizza,
Jan and Alex at La Bufadora, Judy at La Marina, Jeanne at Paradise Cove. Thank you all so much for giving us the opportunity to perform in your business for your customers. You introduced us to lots of wonderful people.

Patty Rodriguez your help with Blues Against Hunger made the event a terrific success in Punta Banda, you are tireless and incredible, keep it up. Sara Vega, thank you for all the terrific marketing and support with the Blues Against Hunger in Rosarito, what a wonderful time we had and lots of food raised, all of which would not have happened without you.

Oscar QuiƱones Nogueira stepped in on drums without even knowing these crazy gringo and performed live with us only two days after meeting us. Oscar has become a lifetime Wild Pack member in our book, and we are very excited about completing our first album with Oscar performing all tracks. So very glad to have had the opportunity to perform you. And Phillip Singletary who is always a treat to have on stage with us. Phillip loves his music and we love our even more when he is playing it with us. Thank you.

We want to thank all the incredible musicians we performed with this summer including Fred Soto, Ferreyra Cruz Noema, Angel Ruiz, Juan Carlos, John Schatz, Scot McKelvey, Tom Olmos, Bart Berry, Holly Avila, Jason Bushong, Ed Torriente, Eloy Miron, Esteban St James, Lou Wildman, and those I don't know by name - THANK YOU ALL.

We want to thank all of your that become fans of ours along the way, we loved seeing you almost every week, you made the gigs that much greater. Thank you MUCHO!! James Kierzkowski, Franny Morris, Maureen Minehan, Sue, Rose and Rich, and our good friends Dick Cadger and Kathleen Thompson that came over from San Felipe and went to see us in Punta Banda on Saturday, then on Wednesday in Rosarito, then the next Saturday at Blues Against Hunger. If they showed up to one more, I was going to give dick a cowbell and put him in the band. We love ya, thanks a bunch. Also, thanks to Craig Klein for all the Rosarito Living support. Also, thanks to Richardo and Diego "Aqui en el Siete", we have love out time staying in Campo 7 Minus La Bufadora.

This Saturday - Oct 3, 2015 at La Marina is our last show before we head back to San Felipe for a winter. We just wanted to let you all know you made our time on the Pacific Baja VERY SPECIAL, and we hope to all see you again in the future.