I Love The Blues

I LOVE THE BLUES. I have been a promoter my entire life, promoted my first festival at 19 and never stopped, more than 30 years later and literally hundreds of concerts later, none of the music or concerts I produced changed my life, other than to put food on the table.

Until 10 years ago, when my wife Rachel and I were asked to help promote the San Felipe Blues Festival, back in 2007. Then we were asked to help start another blues festival in Rosarito Beach Baja. 8 years we were involved in promoting blues festivals. Then 2 years ago, on the suggestion of two wonderful musician friends of ours, Pancho and Sal Pace, we started performing blues ourselves.

I never would have thought a music that was in its prime before I was born, would alter my life and my own future in such a profound way.

Thank you to all the musicians and especially the blues musicians that we have come to know and love, you have brought much passion and joy into our lives and have changed our lives forever.