Lyrics for "Best Back Off"  by Wild Pack
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Don’t bring me no nonsense 
Of your holier than thou
No statues, no prophet, no alien or cow
You can keep your guidelines
I’ve got my own set of rules
No bullshit from some suit or committee stool
I’m not interested
and I don’t care
You best back off!

Don’t give me your authority
And I don’t care which one
No badge or dumbass with a loaded gun
I don’t need your suggestions
This is my life and time
so don’t mess with me 
and stay out of mine
You’ve had fair warning
Now you best beware
You best back off!

I’ve got but one life
The one I’ve been given
And in every moment 
I plan to live it
so, keep all your promises
and keep all your lies
today is my time
and I’ll live til I die 

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