We are a musical duo with South American roots, based in Vancouver, Canada. We discovered John and Rachel in May 2013, and it did not take long for us to figure out that this couple have a long history of successful events and are hard workers with endless energy.

We joined them to help with a few projects and in turn they helped us to become known in the San Felipe community promoting and organizing some shows with us. Focus in positive actions, like recycling, music and fun social events entertains their own club members and brings the community together in a big way. Huge supporters of other artists, John and Rachel are what we call “a golden asset where ever they may be.”Definitely, we will return to join them in any new project they are involved in because they are fun and creative. If you are in Mexico or any place in the world, you can contact John and Rachel with any questions and be assured they will have the right answers and solutions. We are forever grateful to have met them.

Francisco & Sally Pace - March 24, 2014
a.k.a Pancho and Sal from Rio Samaya Band

primer Día que los conocí se abrieron varias puertas de oportunidades  para generar eventos en beneficio de nuestras empresas así mismo como entretenimiento y diversión para los que asisten a estos eventos creativos y culturales

Ustedes tienen esa magia creativa para traer diversión y entretenimiento que el público está esperando. Son personas que hacen, que se mueven, que no esperan que el viento  del tiempo se los lleve. Pero lo más importante  es que se ha creado una amistad que espero dure para siempre.

ENGLISH: From the first day I met them, they have created opportunities for entertainment and fun events that benefit both of our companies and for those who attend these creative and cultural events.

They have that creative magic to bring fun and entertainment to the waiting public. These are people who make thing happen. But most important is that it has created a friendship that I hope will last forever.

Ignacio Suarez - 2014
Food & Beverage Director,
El Dorado Ranch

Rachel and John Pack are a most industrious couple. Together we developed, promoted and marketed a music and cultural event in San Felipe, Baja California Mexico.

Designed to encourage both Mexican and American/Canadian guests for an afternoon of music, ethnic food and friendship, the Baja Latin Fest was an overwhelming success specifically because of the Pack’s business and promotional expertise. They obtained a major sponsorship with one of the largest beverage distributors in Mexico. They developed and delivered a food menu with specialties from Central and South America. They selected and coordinated all the entertainers, scheduled their housing accommodations, performance times, transport and food needs. They handled security, show set up and take down. The handled the sound and staging systems. They did it all and it was a huge success.

Their knowledge of Baja and the associated governmental offices was critical to the presentation of the show and really helped with finding governmental funds to assist in promoting the Fest. Their reliability, high ethics and honesty make dealing with them a real pleasure.

Terry Van Arsdale - 2015
Promoter / Entrepreneur

I had the pleasure of meeting John and Rachel Pack many years ago and working with them on various community and promotional projects, by far the largest was the San Felipe Lions Club Blues & Arts Events. In 2009 I was the President of the San Felipe Lions Club and John and Rachel Pack worked with the club in various capacities, primarily as event promoters, marketing directors, talent acquisition and technical advisers. We basically relied on them to pull off the most monumental event that San Felipe had ever seen, and we were all successful. The Packs knowledge and expertise may be unparalleled in promoting unique events and sites. I highly recommend them to anyone considering or planning an event or community function.
Hal “Paco” Gonzalez Clark - 2014

Where do I begin? I went to an event put on by John and Rachel Pack. We had a great time and were very impressed with how well the event was ran.

As time went on, we went to more event’s, big and small run by John and Rachel and all were very well planned, fun and well ran. Our lives’ have undergone so many improvement’s, and a large part of it is due to this fantastic couple. If you need an event planned and carried out, this talented couple can make it happen. They are talented and very accommodating. Their events are almost always sold out due to their well earned reputation for delivering great entertainment.

Need  entertainers, party planner, or anything? Contact them, you won’t be sorry!!

Mike & Carole - May 2014

John and Rachel have contributed to the success of the San Felipe B.C. Blues and Arts Fiesta for the last eight years. They were responsible for many aspects of the event. They are professional and talented individuals. I am sure that they will succeed in any endeavor that they undertake.

Gary Dilley - March 21, 2014
Charter President
San Felipe B.C. Lions Club


I have been involved with the Packs since I met them over 8 years ago. Over those years I have watched them produce everything from sold out club events, plays and performance arts, to horseshoe tournaments, their own Big Hat Days event to three of the biggest music festivals in the region.

I have been fortunate enough to have been the Director of Facilities for many of their events, including Lions Club’s Blues and Arts Festival, for which I held the position of Facility Director, in charge of the event grounds, setup and tear down. I am a charter member of the Lions Club International San Felipe, Baja Mexico and have been involved for nine years and am currently 3rd. Vice President.

The Packs have been co-promoting and supporting the Lions for all 8 years and have made it the largest blues event in the country. They are always professional, organized and very knowledgeable in not only the duties under my responsibility, but also the duties and tasks of all event staff.

Gene Wilford Jensen - 2014
Facility Director Blues & Arts Fiesta 2008-2013
Facility Director Baja Latino Fest 2014