Good Time Last Night!

La Salina Cantina was a good time last night (10/11/16). I love it when 3 hours of music feels like just 1 hour. Not that it went by so fast, because it did, but rather because it means I got into it, the people, the music. This usually translate into those watching it enjoying it too. Seemed that way to me last night :-)
I also dig seeing people you don't expect to see. Just last night alone our dear friends Mary and Bluesman extraordinaire Chet Cannon, Carlos Duran who help us on the Baja Love Ride (bike ride from Rosarito to San Felipe), also Cher and Rod Winchell of San Felipe Bread, then Jeanne Pepler comes over back from San Felipe. Pretty cool.
Plus, it is always kick ass playing our style of blues with Fred Soto on harmonica. We had so much fun with him, he is coming back next Wednesday. Who knows who else might
show up and join the party next week! Also many kudos and love to my band Oscar QuiƱones Nogueira on drums and Rachel "Sweet" Pack.
I can't wait to do a gig with all our friends on the awesome stage they have in back on the beach...Next Summer Look Out! Until then, we'll see you again next Wednesday at La Salina Cantina.