08/12/17 - Quick Sixx Road Report: Playing and Boondocking in Tacoma Washington

The first in a series of quick reports of life on the road for traveling musicians Sixx and Sweet Pack in a 32' RV traveling from city to city across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. In this edition is a fun at Odd Otter in Tacoma Washington, a crazy night of crazy boondocking in downtown Tacoma.

About Sweet & Sixx -
Sweet and Sixx record and share their lives on the road in their 32' RV called "The Den", traveling from city to city across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Sixx and Sweet Pack are traveling musicians.

Sweet and Sixx love each other, their music, their lives and have been traveling together non-stop for 15 years, along with the rest of their wild pack - their 2 dogs Cai and Trixie, and their cat Max. They travel everywhere producing food drive events while living a minimalist lifestyle, leaving a small carbon footprint and living a nomadic wild life their way.