Strung Junk Crossroad Guitar

I (Sixx) had the privilege of playing a original one of a kind "Crossroad" guitar. Our friend Steve Kinney, the guitar maker from Strung Junk drove all the way to Punta Banda from Rosarito Beach on Friday to watch us perform at La Marina and was cool enough to bring his original "Crossroads" guitar, with the Highway 61 and 49 signs on either side. Very cool sounding guitar with a single, single coil vintage Harmony pickup. Played it an entire set and really enjoyed the feel. - SEE MORE PHOTOS - 

BLUES HISTORY - Crossroads being the place where famed blues guitarist "Robert Johnson" allegedly sold his soul to the was where HWY 61 and HWY 49 cross in Clarksdale Mississippi. Here is a little about Robert Johnson

The guitar is an original "Strung Junk" guitar built by Steve Kinney and is made with a HWY 61 roadsign on one side, and a HWY 49 roadsign on the other and uses vintage pickups and components. Beautiful, great action and easy to play...Steve also makes a variety of other guitars, including some of my favorite which are made from vinatge cerca 1925 gas cans used in Model T fords and others. Steve will be at this years Baja Blues Fest in Rosarito displaying his original sure to check them out. Thanks Steve!