First Gig in Paradise

Last night - Aug 12, 2015 was our first show at Paradise Cove Tiki Bar & Grill and we had a wonderful time, started slow and built up, just like we like it. Thanks Jeanne Pepler for having us. It was great to meet Franny for the first time. Its cool to meet someone for the first time and they know all about you from Facebook. Franny said I was a "great Facebooker". Sorry Franny we didn't get to meet your friend, however I did see her bobbing her head at the bar wink emoticon. It was also terrific to see our musicians friends Eloy Miron and Ed Torriente, thanks for the compliments guys, always good to be appreciated by other musicians. Hope to see you Saturday. Dennis and Maureen Minehan come out to see us too, which was very nice, because we had a chance to chat during our breaks. We also found out Dennis knows his blues! Thanks for coming to support us at our new venue, we hope to see you all again. Thanks to everyone that was there, we had a great time and really look forward to next Wednesday. By the way, for all you hamburger lovers....Dennis said the burger was the best anywhere in northern Baja and he knows his burgers!