Great Crowd and Fun Group

Rachel took a couple of pictures of Oscar and I getting ready for the show at La Marina on Saturday night...IT WAS A BLAST!! We rocked the place, or bluesed it in this case...either way loads of fun and good people. We had one of the best compliments older couple from the area that pretty much danced the entire night, then came to us after and said we were the best thing they'd seen in 18 years (apparently that is how long they lived in the area). They were a hoot! Even their names were fun, his name was Mike and her name was Mike, not making this up. He kept telling me about a television commercial with motorcycles and music that said Ah ha ha ha...very blues, sounded like something John Lee Hooker would do, don't know what it was but it was funny talking to him about it. Anyways, another fun night.