Thank You All!

Last night at Bobby's by the Sea was a lot of fun. I had one guy tell me my voice sounded like Jimi Hendrix when he bought our CD. I'm waiting for the day they tell me my guitar playing is like Jimi, not my voice, but hey I'll take either. Especially since he also bought 2 of our Wild Pack t-shirts to go with his new CD 

Bobby's is absolutely a beautiful venue. We've only played there twice, but both times were great. We had one gentleman come up while we were tearing down our gear and ask if he could pay us personally to keep playing. I was hesitant and tried to get out of it. Then a few minutes later the manager and good friend Jeanne came over with the same request. So, we stayed and played an additional set. Glad we did...when Rachel gave me a 1/3 of the tips for our drummer Oscar, I thought it was his full pay plus tips and big tips at that...but NO, it was only his tips. We made more in tips last night then we have ever even had a venue pay us - it was completely unreal, never made so much money playing music before - ever! Damn it feels so good to be appreciated.
And to top it off, oh yah there is more! Our close friends Kathleen and Dick Cadger came to watch us perform also and brought with then my birthday present. Double and Triple IPA's and the biggest bottle of sparkling wine I have ever seen. These two are special people...and they are living the good life.
Thanks again to Dennis and MaureenFranny and friends and everyone else that joined us. And again Happy Birthday Cash.