Knocking on La Salina Cantina Door

THANKS LA SALINA CANTINA. It was a really fun jam last night. I t was our first time there and we like places with a chill feel.

A good crowd and it very cool to have our friends Lou Pando all the way from Punta Banda play a set on drums, and Arthur Cardenas all the way from Tijuana sit in for all 3 sets on lead guitar, including singing "Knocking on Heavens Door" to close out the night - never played that tune before, it was a lot of fun. I do wish it was a bit warmer outside, looks like there is a really cool patio and stage outside. Maybe in the future we can do a show there during the summer.

Always great to see our friends come out to new venues. Oh yah, and we will doing WILD PACK WEDNESDAYS
there all this month from 6-9PM. Thanks Jeanne and Jesse. Come out and join us, comes with a free spaghetti bolognese dinner, garlic bread and even topped with Parmesan cheese...seriously, you buy a beer or any drink and it comes with a FREE dinner - that was really good. I guess we'll be eating spaghetti this month. In any case, it was a fun first date for us at La Salina, next Wednesday will be date #2...I'm going for at least first base...see you there!

P.S. Thanks for the pic Oscar, now I see what the rest of the band is doing while I'm're taking pictures and Rachel is making faces for you.