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FREE Download - Knockdown Girl from Malos Huesos on Soundcloud.

Download the full track KNOCKDOWN GIRL from Wild Pack's 2015 album "Malos Huesos" on Soundcloud, or listen to any of the other 8 songs.

2017 Brewers & Blues Against Hunger Summer Tour

Craft brewers & blues lovers are united to help fight hunger in America over the next 6-months; starting in June 2017 - November 2017. The way the event works is SIMPLE! We bring a party to a brewery creating free blues concerts inviting all that attend to bring non-perishable food donations that stays with the local food bank. With your help, we bring craft beer lovers and blues fans together to help feed the hungry. We create a special night with celebrity guests musicians and jammers to play the BLUES with the host band "Sweet Sixx and The Wild Pack" to raise food for the community.

Who is helping to fight hunger on the 2017 Brewers & Blues Tour:

Sweet & Sixx 16 Years Together in 10 Minutes

We've a spent 16 amazing and adventuresome years together. We've traveled the continent, walked the entire Baja, produced lots of great events, helped a lot of people and now we're playing the blues and feeding the hungry. We're blessed to have each other and to be able to share our passion.

Road Report - The Fall is Coming Quick in Colorado

Colorado has been incredible, but it is really getting cold. The last few weeks have been incredible. We've found an incredible boondocking location. Helped launch a brand new brewery, and got frozen inside our RV. Why would anyone live any other way?

Once we finished our show at Lazy Boy Brewing in Everett Washington, we headed east through Washington and Idaho with some awesome shows and one our latest in terms of time in Idaho Falls...way past my bedtime ;-). Wyoming was open and beautiful before heading south into Colorado. We stopped at Rabbit Ears Pass above Steamboat Springs at about 9700 feet. It was breathtaking, literally. The first night I woke a couple times feeling as if I were having a panic attack. It turned out to be due to altitude sickness, which we quickly figured out. Then the next morning it started to snow! - We were out of there! We stopped in Steamboat Springs for a dispensary (medicinal) and a local taco shack called TACO CABO. The owner was actually from Jalisco Mexico, but he was cool and let us fill our fresh water tanks from his restaurant, but as a side note...it was the most expensive taco I've had in my life and it didn't come with rice, beans or nada. I think they were $5 each and I had...well that's not important. What's more important is how this week went down - it was all meant to be.