Strung Junk Crossroad Guitar

I (Sixx) had the privilege of playing a original one of a kind "Crossroad" guitar. Our friend Steve Kinney, the guitar maker from Strung Junk drove all the way to Punta Banda from Rosarito Beach on Friday to watch us perform at La Marina and was cool enough to bring his original "Crossroads" guitar, with the Highway 61 and 49 signs on either side. Very cool sounding guitar with a single, single coil vintage Harmony pickup. Played it an entire set and really enjoyed the feel. - SEE MORE PHOTOS - 

BLUES HISTORY - Crossroads being the place where famed blues guitarist "Robert Johnson" allegedly sold his soul to the was where HWY 61 and HWY 49 cross in Clarksdale Mississippi. Here is a little about Robert Johnson

Band Rehearsal

Rehearsal time again, here is Rachel posing with our gear during a rehearsal break at our summer retreat. - SEE PHOTOS -

Jamming Out!

We had a wonderful time jamming last night (Aug 20, 2015) at The Lighthouse in La Mision. It was a terrific lineup of musicians from left to right: Oscar QuiƱones on drums, Fred Soto on harmonica, Phillip Singletary on saxophone, John B Packon vocals, rhythm and lead guitar, Rachel Pack on vocals and bass, Ferreyra Cruz Noema on keyboard, and Juan Carlos on lead guitar.


Anyone that knows me (Sixx), knows I LOVE SUSHI! I would go so far as to give up all others foods if only I had an endless supply of sushi. Last night I had a wonderful SURPRISE!

Paradise Cove Tiki Bar & Grill where we played have ahi tuna sushi rolls that are out of this world. They were amazing, the fish was delicious and the flavors were addictive. Rachel and I had one each, and one more each for the ride home....and a side order of french fries - maybe not the greatest combo platter, but damn they were good...the fries were battered and season to perfection. In any case, Rachel and I are very excited about Wild Pack Wednesdays at Paradise Cove, because for us it's going to be Sushi (and french fries) Day Wednesday!

Love Mama Bears!

Mama Bears was great. We just love this place, the customers are very nice, and always incredible tippers...truly amazing, more than any other place we have ever played. Plus the owners Tina and Joanie are way cool and the staff are too.

Next week is their last week and the new owners will be taking over...and they too seem very cool. I know one of them Cort is already cooking all the pizza and he is really a nice guy, very laid back bunch. When we were done, Tina got so emotional she even picked up Rachel off her feet.