Come Experience Baja with Wild Pack!

The 2017 Baja winter season from January until May is going to be Bluestastic! Wild Pack is hosting a Baja and Blues Musical Adventure. A caravan of blues musicians and blues music fans will travel down the Baja from Rosarito to Cabo San Lucas. It is a 14 day tour that includes 9 concerts, four 300 year old Spanish Missions, the famous Baja whale watching (last year there were over 2500 whales in the bay - life changing experience), the Tin Church built by French architect Gustave Eiffel, of Eiffel Tower fame, incredible natural landscapes, unbelievable bays and so much more.

Rockin' The Shrimp Fest

WILD PACK are going to Rock the Shrimp Fest!
Saturday - November 5, 2016 at 4PM! 

The Wild Pack will feature our full lineup with Sixx on guitar, Sweet Rachel on bass, Ferreyra Cruz Noema on keyboards, Fred Soto on harmonica, Ron Rando on drums and special guest Phillip Singletary on saxophone. 

Bring a friend and you dancing shoes for a kick ass show!

Making a Jam is Similar to Making Salsa

We have decided that a jam is much like salsa. You can add the same ingredients, follow the same recipe, but you just never know just how hot it'll be, because each of the different ingredients are all so unique. And while both making jams and salsa in Baja, I have learned that many of these ingredients get hotter with age.

We made this observation this summer. You see, all summer Wild Pack took a different approach to our music, by turning all our gigs into jams. We thought it would help us grow faster as musicians. It worked. We found it to be the most fun we've had playing music. Some songs get left behind because of complexity, or odd progressions, but the standard progressions or classic favorites still work great. Of course, it all still has our Wild Pack flavor, but that's what we love Wild! And all of our gigs are a Pack of Wild Musicians having fun. It's been educational, motivating, invigorating and has made an impact on our approach to performing and playing music.

We love salsa and jamming, and the musicians of Baja.

And if you like seriously hot jams, check out Simon Hicks Chilli Jam:

Blood Blues Jam Party

Halloween Blood Jam Party 4:00PM • Halloween Party • Oct. 29, 2016 Wild Pack's Blood Blues Jam at Mama Bear's Pizza  Wild Pack and friends always has a Halloween Bloody good time - Costume Contest - Raffle - Live Music! We love Mama Bears Pizza a fun place with great peeps and amazing food - see you all there!

WILD PACK Jam at La Salina Cantina

Come out and join us AGAIN - Oct. 19, 2016 for The WILD PACK Jam at La Salina Cantina!
Message from Sixx "La Salina Cantina Last jam was a good time! (10/11/16). I love it when 3 hours of music feels like just 1 hour. Not that it went by so fast, because it did, but rather because it means I got into it, the people, the music. This usually translate into those watching it enjoying it too. Seemed that way to me last night :-)" 

Wild Pack at Vinos Fuentes

Blues Against Hunger benefit concert in Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California on Sunday October 9, 2016 at Vinos Fuentes vineyards. Food was raised for Rancho del Ninos. The event was produced by Blues Against Hunger and Sixx and Rachel Pack. Photos by Diego Knight.
I want to personally thank everyone that made the Blues Against Hunger happen in Valle de Guadalupe. Miguel Fuentes and his entire family, and staff at Vinos Fuentes are amazing and supportive, and wow what a beautiful place they have! Thank you. I need to thank Fred Soto for always being a big support of the music and the event; and all his band mates ATM Band and

Good Time Last Night!

La Salina Cantina was a good time last night (10/11/16). I love it when 3 hours of music feels like just 1 hour. Not that it went by so fast, because it did, but rather because it means I got into it, the people, the music. This usually translate into those watching it enjoying it too. Seemed that way to me last night :-)
I also dig seeing people you don't expect to see. Just last night alone our dear friends Mary and Bluesman extraordinaire Chet Cannon, Carlos Duran who help us on the Baja Love Ride (bike ride from Rosarito to San Felipe), also Cher and Rod Winchell of San Felipe Bread, then Jeanne Pepler comes over back from San Felipe. Pretty cool.

Vino y Blues in Valle de Guadalupe

Vino y Blues in Valle de Guadalupe. If you love wine, blues and good ol' Mexican BBQ. Join us SUNDAY, OCT 9, 2016 at Vinos Fuentes for an afternoon of fun, music, food and helping other.
This a FREE event. We ask that you bring a donation of any non-perishable, non-expired food item. We look forward to another beautiful Baja day.

The Origin Story of Sixx

From Sixx - I am often asked "why am I always sitting when we perform?", well it's not because I am lazy, although I am, but it is not the reason. The reason, as my wife Rachel likes to say "you're broken".

When I was in my mid 20's I was the victim of a hit and run. I was run over by a car, and actually declared dead at the scene and had my body covered. Fortunately, while being put in "the wagon" vital signs were found. I had both my legs and ankles broken, my pelvis crushed, a busted sternum, and my right clavicle was virtually turn to dust from being crushed. As a doctor told me later, "my right side is held together only by tissue, not bone.

I was told I would never walk properly again, but with sheer determination and a ton of physical therapy I was able to get off a walker and start doing the "6-Pack Shuffle", as my friends called it, (at the time my nickname was "SixPack").

Knocking on La Salina Cantina Door

THANKS LA SALINA CANTINA. It was a really fun jam last night. I t was our first time there and we like places with a chill feel.

A good crowd and it very cool to have our friends Lou Pando all the way from Punta Banda play a set on drums, and Arthur Cardenas all the way from Tijuana sit in for all 3 sets on lead guitar, including singing "Knocking on Heavens Door" to close out the night - never played that tune before, it was a lot of fun. I do wish it was a bit warmer outside, looks like there is a really cool patio and stage outside. Maybe in the future we can do a show there during the summer.

Always great to see our friends come out to new venues. Oh yah, and we will doing WILD PACK WEDNESDAYS

Wild Pack Blues Jam at La Salina Cantina

Wild Pack Blues Jam at La Salina Cantina this coming Wednesday at 6 PM; help at La Salina Beach Cantina - Km. 73 Toll Road Tijuana - Ensenada, Ensenada, Baja California

Wild Pack Blues Jam is an open mic blues jam for all musicians at any level. We want to play with the shredders and the beginners. Grab your instrument and join us for a FREE Spaghetti dinner and drinks.